Sunday, September 27, 2009


Life it is busy with two youngsters. I have been meaning to post for awhile - but time just get's away from me.
So I have a conglomeration of different pictures to show what we have been up to. I also have pictures to post of sweet felice's first birthday - but will post those later. Enjoy and happy monday!

Happy Birthday Geoffrey!
we went to Del Frisco's last night to celebrate his birthday. we had an amazing steak dinner and the two boys did great! i was a little nervous about having them there but the maitre 'd (sp?) came up to us during the meal and said that jayden acted better then some adults do and that he was welcomed anytime! (yes of course i was a proud mom!)

i have also been taking a camera class with magen - trying to learn how to use my camera
sweet pictures of the boys - duncan has such a sweet little smile

we were in waco for a couple of days last week and alice found jordan's first soccer jersey so jayden was SUPER excited about wearing it. he didn't want to take it off.

jayden also got his hair cut at the barber shop where my dad get's his hair cut. it was so cute seeing him sit on the chair like such a big boy!

last weekend our friends the harps came in town for a visit. we loved being with them and miss them so much! i was so excited for jayden and hudson to get to play together - they loved playing the guitar and the drums - i think there could be a future band :)

fun pictures from around the house with the two boys!
they are so much fun!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sudan Family Vacation - Cascade National Park

a couple of weeks ago we went with my family to the cascade national park in washington state. it was such a wonderful time of being together, hiking, and enjoying God's beautiful diverse creation. growing up our family trips always consisted of going to a national park and spending most of the days on day long hikes. it was such a fun thing to do together and we usually came away with many fun memories and some life threatening situations that we got ourselves in!
thankfully this time there were not any life threatening situations - but just a lot of fun and good work outs!
the first day we all went on a 7 mile hike (yes all 13 of us - 10 adults, 3 kids). it was so much fun and we had beautiful vistas the whole hike. it was quite a workout with jayden in a backpack on jordan's back and duncan in the bjorn on me. but i was so glad that we got to be together and all of us got to experience the hike together. the next day we went on shorter hikes that were not quite so strenuous. the third day everyone but my mom and i and the kids went whitewater rafting. my mom and i took the kids pick blueberries at cascadia farms show farm. i am sure a lot of you are familiar with that brand - i had no idea that it was made there in the cascade mountains. they had the BEST ice cream at this show farm!
the fourth day we left jayden and emery kate with our babysitter - sweet maria (who is awesome by the way - so glad that we brought her she was such a great addition to the fam!) and the rest of us went on a long, strenuous hike. it was such a good intense work out - but unfortunately because of the wildfires - once we got to the top there was no view to be seen. it was clouded by smoke. the last day was spent at bakers lake and hanging out.
it was a great time with everyone and i am so thankful for my sweet family! everyone is so unique and brings such different giftings and personalities to the group.
thanks mom and dad for such a wonderful trip!
we loved it!