Sunday, September 27, 2009


Life it is busy with two youngsters. I have been meaning to post for awhile - but time just get's away from me.
So I have a conglomeration of different pictures to show what we have been up to. I also have pictures to post of sweet felice's first birthday - but will post those later. Enjoy and happy monday!

Happy Birthday Geoffrey!
we went to Del Frisco's last night to celebrate his birthday. we had an amazing steak dinner and the two boys did great! i was a little nervous about having them there but the maitre 'd (sp?) came up to us during the meal and said that jayden acted better then some adults do and that he was welcomed anytime! (yes of course i was a proud mom!)

i have also been taking a camera class with magen - trying to learn how to use my camera
sweet pictures of the boys - duncan has such a sweet little smile

we were in waco for a couple of days last week and alice found jordan's first soccer jersey so jayden was SUPER excited about wearing it. he didn't want to take it off.

jayden also got his hair cut at the barber shop where my dad get's his hair cut. it was so cute seeing him sit on the chair like such a big boy!

last weekend our friends the harps came in town for a visit. we loved being with them and miss them so much! i was so excited for jayden and hudson to get to play together - they loved playing the guitar and the drums - i think there could be a future band :)

fun pictures from around the house with the two boys!
they are so much fun!


Marci said...

Precious pictures! They are both getting so big!

McHenderson said...

Christy! Looks like you are going to have a redhead after all. Yay! Duncan has no eyebrows just like Callie :) I wish we could have seen you this weekend, it was busy all around. next time!

Magen Quiroz said...

great pictures :) and love the new background!

kelly said...

love seeing bits & pieces of your lives :)
especially love those pics of jayden in jo's old jersey - how cute is that??!
and wow, did the other weekend make us miss you guys! soooo glad h & j got to play - they had a blast!!