Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jayden's First Day of School (aka MDO)

Jayden started MDO this monday. He was SO excited whenever i asked him about it - but i was curious to see how he actually liked the whole "school" experience. he actually did great! i was thrilled because he sometimes has a hard time in new places and being left alone. it literally took us over a year and a half before he like going to the "Y" so that jordan and i could work out. so i was thinking this could be a long process. he ended up crying only for a few seconds when i left him there (with a quick get away i might add - i don't think it is good for either one of us to linger too long) and then the teacher said that he did great!
when we got home he insisted on carrying his backpack on his back the rest of the day. he has continually asked me for school the rest of the week. i think that is a good sign :)
another big milestone for my little guy! he is growing up so fast. but each stage is so fun so i am trying to treasure them all.
his little brother is growing up fast as well. sleeping in his own crib now and for the most part sleeping through the night - which makes this mommy very, very happy :)


cheese said...
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Blake Marable said...

I love Jaydens duffle bag/lunch box! That thing is huge! Did he sneak a few soccer balls in there?

The Lacys said...

he's honestly the cutest little boy!!

ellen said...

The first of many first day of school pictures!!!! I tried to get Andrew to take one of himself with his backpack his first day of classes at A&M Monday!!!! (Preferably under a tree like we did at home every year!)
Jayden is so precious! Hope to see you soon!