Friday, December 17, 2010

Candy with Grandpa

Every Christmas we head over to my grandparents house and have a candy-making day.
It is such a sweet little tradition.
My grandpa has made candy for years and it is delicious.
On Wednesday we headed to their house to continue with our tradition.

jayden was excited :)
so was duncan . . .
emery kate enjoyed it as well


obviously the boys got distracted after awhile and thought wrestling with uncle j would be better!
the finished product:
in case you were wondering i actually didn't help at all - i just took pictures and tried to keep my kids out of trouble in a house that has a lot of glass objects!
amy and mb did most of the cooking!
thanks everyone for another fun memory!

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ellen said...

Merry Christmas!!! Love you all! See you soon, I hope!