Monday, November 29, 2010


we have so much to be thankful for.
let us be a people who are full of gratitude to God for who He is, what He has done for us, and His abundant provision and faithfulness.

we had a wonderful thanksgiving weekend.
unfortunately i worked on thanksgiving day. so i missed out on the big meal at my sister's house. (her and my other sister mb did a great job. you can look at her post here!)

my parents came up on wednesday night and i had everyone over for dinner.
i made pioneer women's lasagna and sheet cake. DELICIOUS!
i am slightly obsessed with pw.

mary b set the table.
she made it look beautiful, as usual.
(its nice to have an artist live with you :))

love those sweet boys.
we got d's haircut last weekend.
we took pictures during it - but not an after shot. sad :(
it looks good (even though jordan said he liked it better before the cut - i just can't handle the very long, messy hair)
sweet al and jason
i don't have any pictures from thanksgiving day.
you probably wouldn't want to see them anyway.
plus it would be a hippa violation :)
(those of you in healthcare know what i am talking about!)

on friday my dad took just me to breakfast at einsteins.
so sweet of him and a wonderful time to connect with just us.
he took each of us girls for some one on one time.
what a thoughtful and purposeful dad.

we went to chuy's for lunch.
i decided that this would be a good tradition for any time we have thanksgiving in dallas.
we did it last time everyone was here - so i decided that now the tradition is born.

i have a bunch of pics from chuys - b/c i didn't get any on thanksgiving day.

nice pic jason


ellen said...

We ALWAYS eat at Chuy's in Dallas. and Chuy's in Houston. And now in Waco. And in College Station. We have issues!
Love your family! Amy is working Christmas day and Christmas Eve this year :(
Enjoy the holidays with your precious kids!

Marci said...

LOL about the HIPAA violation. Yes, indeed. Love the Chuy's tradition too.

kelly said...

awww! sweet pics :)