Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cooking with Mommy

Jayden and I have been doing a lot of cooking together lately.
It is a fun activity for us to do while the little ones nap in the morning.
(and it helps me get any baking done that is needed for the day!)

Last week Jayden and I made pumpkin bread.
This recipe is so good and so easy to make.
It is great because it makes either 2 large loaves or 4+ mini loaves.

Here is my little helper ready to go!
cracking the eggs, one of his favorite activities!
(don't worry - i shovel out any accidental shell pieces that get put in b/c of the aggressive cracking!)
mixing the flour and spices together

are you liking jayden's nice smile!
he use to not look at the camera, and now you get a good cheesy smile when he does - oh well it is better than the opposite i guess :)
jayden's favorite part - licking the paddle after we are done
he is even learning how to help mommy clean afterwards
pumpkin bread cooking
the finished product!
we wrapped up two and brought them to jayden's teachers.
i think it was really fun for him to tell his teachers that HE had made the bread for them.
what a great way to give some fall love to others :)
you can find the recipe here.


Virginie M. said...
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Virginie M. said...

That's wonderful. I have such wonderful memories of cooking with my Nana as a kid, and I'm sure Jayden will have lots too. Happy times.

And the bread looks great too!

Katie said...

Delicious! I can't wait to do this with Zach and Colson.

alice said...

the photos reminded me of cooking cornbread with jordan @ deerwood....many years ago! Your bread looks yummy! What a happy helper! Miss you all!