Sunday, November 14, 2010


Saturday was a fun football day!
Even though it was a sad finish for the Baylor bears - we had fun watching the Baylor/ATM game at Blake & Amy's.
I decided that it would be fun to dress the kids up in half baylor half atm clothes. With Jordan and I being a mixed family :) I thought I would allow both teams represent!
(and thanks to grandparents on both sides - we have plenty of gear for both schools!)

Here we are as a family all dressed up!
Our family plus sweet little EK!
the marables
jayden "holding" campbell
(She looks like she feels real secure doesn't she?)
campbell wore these precious bloomers!
duncan's awesome outfit!
a little baylor bear shirt, and very loud atm pants
ek was all baylor!
campbell in her BIG bow and baylor cheerleading outfit

We also had football that afternoon.
Our church had its 5th annual Turkey Bowl football game.
It was super fun,
(even though my team lost by quite a bit and i twisted my ankle slightly in the first part of it!)
I wish I got a picture of the t-shirts - i loved them, they were turkey's with a mustache on them.
how clever is that?

It was the perfect fall day for football. I didn't get any pictures of the actual game - just my kids watching the game. (i am sure you are surprised about that!)
here is me and campbell
(jordan was there but didn't play in the game. two years ago he chipped his knee while playing and had to have knee surgery so he has opted out of playing ever since)

as you can probably tell from my other blog posts (i LOVE this red flower headband - she wears it all the time!)

such a happy little guy!
and look at that hair - i have no idea what to do with it.
he is such a mess!
sweet ek

happy MONDAY!


Marci said...

Half Baylor, half Aggie clothes...I think that might be child abuse! :-) From your loveable (losing) Longhorn friend....

ellen said...

Welcome to my life thanks to my Aggie, Andrew! We had our house divided flag up ALL week!