Monday, November 8, 2010

Goode Times at Thistle Dew Ranch

On Sunday after church we headed out to "thistle dew" ranch to see our dear friends the Goodes.
It was so much fun and I am sad that we didn't plan to stay longer.
The ranch is near palo pinto and right on the brazos river. It is BEAUTIFUL!!!!
Such a relaxing time and great to see our friends.
We miss the Goodes and are glad any time we get to spend with them.

The boys road a horse. What a fun experience that they got to have!
Yes - this is correct - Jordan (my animal lover husband;)) is on the horse bare backed!
The boys both LOVED it!
I was surprised that Jayden got on the horse - but he did, and then wanted to ride it again and again!
we rode in the back of the truck to see the animals
fun times!
ronnie g and dunc
the kids also fed the donkeys and horses
they loved doing that as well!

duncan of course loved petting the donkey!

jayden and annie kate had so much fun together
thought this was a neat picture - into the sun
daddy and j
daddy and duncan
sweet kids
shiela walked the horse around

riding back

thank goodes for inviting us out there!
we loved it and love you guys.
look forward to seeing you again soon when we are in boston!

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