Tuesday, May 3, 2011


(this is what the locals call the city)

We just got back from our mission trip to detroit!
It was a GREAT trip, we had the best team :)

This is a long post but I am documenting the trip and will give details with the pictures.

Here is our team:
(with our host couple - Darin & Anne Burns)
we traveled there on wednesday
the kids did great,
we didn't check any bags (to save some money)
so we were quite the site toting around our
6 carry on bags, 2 strollers, & 1 carseat

duncan was excited
here is our stuff :)
sweet campbell
thankfully on the way there,
we basically had the entire row to ourselves
it was nice to be able to spread out

it didn't take long for campbell to get gangster on us
this was her the next morning :)
our host couple treated us to a detroit tigers baseball game on the first day
it was fun but VERY COLD
thankfully we were able to watch most of it from inside
jayden got a detroit hat
so our days consisted of,
a lot of driving in two big vans -
and doing our drama and hip-hop dance and evangelism
here is duncan and ryan getting ready for an outreach
the stars of our drama
mishaal and lloyd
skylar, stephen, staci, lloyd, kenten, jason, & alex
mishaal, jaime, leeann, riley & karis

here is the hip hop dance
(yes - that is jordan - he did the dance - he did great :))
this is the drama
the kids watching the drama
they did so good!
they didn't get naps, except in their car seats, and we
were on the go from 9 am till 10:30 at night
we had some minor meltdowns at times -
but for the most part they did really really good.
i love that they are able to see what it is like to go and tell people about Jesus
ryan is sharing the gospel
isn't this blue a great background - i think a photographer could have a good time with the backdrops in detroit
stephen & karis sharing jesus with some kids
jason and our caterer for the week
she is a good cook - we were thankful :)

i mean, isn't she such a sweetie? :)
jayden made friends with the kids at this place,
we did an outreach right here in the neighborhood
i loved seeing how jayden just reached out to get to know the kids
so sweet

the drama
the hip hop

dinner our last night in "greektown"
at a really good deep dish pizza place

we loved the trip and so glad that we got to take our family to tell people about Jesus!
Detroit is a desolate city - but it can be rebuilt!
Glad to have a little part in rebuilding people's lives through our time


Tiffany Dawn said...

yay! I was hoping you'd post today!! Can't wait to catch up in person and hear more stories about your time there and esp w your kiddos.

AND when there's a vid avail of the Hip Hop- I want to see it!!

kelly said...

what troopers your kiddos are!!! looks like you all had a great time!! i love that you said campbell went "gangsta"! haha!!!