Monday, May 23, 2011

From my Phone: Week Re-cap

thought i would post some random pictures from my phone from the past week.
i did get my camera back!
thankfully it wasn't the 4-12 weeks they predicted.
just 2!
and i got a new lens!
but more on that later,
for now the phone pics.

jordan played in the moose softball game on sunday.
they boys enjoyed it:
duncan & felix watching their dad's
we had a picnic lunch in our front yard - and we decided to use the soccer net to try and trap the toddler boys into eating their lunch.
nice try.
the bigger kids liked it though
my watch broke.
it had been on its last leg (or strap) you might say
but when i was at work on thursday - it just broke in two.
little miss is a mover
she loves to stand these days
and she gets cuter by the minute if you ask her mom :)
jayden had his sing-a-long at wilshire
it was so cute and he did such a good job!
friday was my friends - handmade boutique
(i meant to post about this last week so that if you wanted to go you could have emailed me about it, but i was SUPER busy last week so i never got around to it! sorry!)

here is what you missed out on :)
there was a lot more, but this was my only picture with my phone!
i hung out with dara and campbell decided to sleep on her shoulder
hope your week has been good!

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carlisle clan conversation... said...

Hi Christy! Love sweet Campbell sleeping! I also have a handmade shop and I'm looking for handmade venues to sell out...would you mind emailing me info about the event your friend did for future reference. Thanks!

XO, Jenni