Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mabel's Sprinkle

We threw Dana a sprinkle for little miss Mabel
who is due any day!
It was so much fun doing a shower/sprinkle this time of year
we played to the fall theme in full force.
We just did desserts and ate outside at Amy's house.
It was perfect in every way.
(except we missed you magen - that would have made it the most perfect!)
 The table - love this!
So i just had discovered the awesomeness of pintrest
and so it made it extra fun setting up this party
(i know - i am way behind on the bandwagon!)
 we cut out holes in apples and put tea lights in them
i loved how it turned out!
 the sweet friends
robin, lesly, rachel
 mary beth & amy
 darrah & karis
 lindsey, erin & marci
 dana & leeann
 dana, leeann, & tiffany
 tiffany & amy
 loved just sitting and talking with sweet friends

 this was my pintrest creation
cored out apples with ice cream and carmel syrup -
loved how they looked and tasted!
 dana & i

Mabel -
we are so excited about your arrival!
Please come soon - i know your mommy is so ready for you to be here
and you have so many people 
who are ready to love on you and care for you!

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