Thursday, November 8, 2012

Jayden's Soccer

Jayden had his last game this week and his team went
they were such a good little team
and their coach was amazing!

 it seems this season jayden has really figured out the game
and is quite the hustler and scored a goal in over half of his games
 love his sweet smile (he is number 5)

 most of the time jayden was right where the ball was

 these two were so cute
playing together during the game
 stop it - holding hands:)

love this
this is jayden's coach -
anytime a player scored a goal
he would pick the player up and run them across the field
and celebrate the goal 
it was so fun to watch
the kids had so much delight and pride in their eyes
it was priceless!
 their coaches also made them thank the ref after every game
here the boys are running to the ref to thank him
 i loved how they instilled kingdom values of honor and respect
into playing soccer
 post game speech with the coach was always so encouraging
he would point out players by name and encourage them
 and then they would pray together -
love this
 what a great team to play on!
 what a great season!

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