Thursday, October 6, 2011

How we . . . Get a Haircut

How we . . . Get a Haircut (or two)

my kids hair grows really fast
(except for campbell) so we have to get haircuts somewhat frequently

i thought i would do a short post on how we do it with some random tips that help me get through the haircut by myself

1. If you can do it on a day your husband has off - do it then :)
2. If number 1 works out for you - then you don't need any of this advice :)
3. If #1 doesn't apply - then follow these simple steps
4. Go first thing in the morning
(i must advise you though - the place we go doesn't open until 10,
i have tried to go at 9:30 and much to my dismay wasn't able to
accomplish the haircut because the place was closed)
5. Going first thing allows the kids to be in happy spirits
and hopefully means you won't have to wait
which is KEY when having two kids getting a hair cut
and a toddler sister
6. Hype it up and talk about what you are going to do after the haircut
(we were going to play baseball at the park -
so this was a fun reward after the haircut!)
7. Be specific with what you want in the haircut
(saves time on having to come back later if they do it wrong :))
8. Encourage your 2 year old that he is SUCH a BIG BOY
that he can sit on the chair - ALL BY HIMSELF :)
(helps him feel important and allows you to watch baby sister)
9. We like going to Sport's Clips because they have tv's they can
watch sports on while they get the haircut
(it is less expensive than the "kid specific" places but does a fine job
and has something to distract the kids while getting their hair cut)
10. Tell them how handsome they look afterwards
11. Treat everyone with lolly pops

And that's . . . How we . . . get a haircut!

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The Sudan Fam said...

well done! i need to save the how to's for when we get to this stage! :)