Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sudan Fall Party

last weekend
jason & alex had a fun fall party at their new house
it was a great time
eating fun fall treats (and watching the rangers - even though it was a horrible game)

sweet hallie
the hostess
mary beth and alex (or hanj as she refers to him)
aren't they cute together :)
skylar & staci
who we love
and it is so fun because they bought a house right by jason & alex
so they are friends and neighbors - so fun!
amy & her girls
love ek's face here
(we didn't bring our kids)
sweet ek
sweet dad
ek & blake
with the amazing dora pumpkin that they made
thanks jason and alex for a fun party and a great time being with people!
love you guys!


The Sudan Fam said...

thanks for coming! this was just the 1st annual fall party...there will be more to come! :)

Marci said...

I see a miracle blanket on miss Hallie...hope she's getting happier and more content outside the womb! :-) Precious girl.

Tiffany Dawn said...

really loving your pics Christy! Good job! :)