Monday, October 3, 2011

pumpkins & a goodbye

our playgroup from church went to the
arboretum on friday
it was a BEAUTIFUL day!
thank goodness (the day before the high was 99!)

i tried to get a pic of all three of my kids
they decided that wasn't a good idea
i know
i am the mom
but when it has to do with pumpkins and pictures -
i decided my best bet was to come again with some back up help :)
oh - and my dad asked from my last post,
and i have been meaning to say -
duncan will only wear his ATM shirt and this texas ranger shirt
he has started to become opinionated on his wardrobe - nice
so it is not because i am such the aggie fan that i put him in it every day-
he just insists on it
and i have decided - it doesn't matter that much if he wears the same
shirts most days :)
sweet sparrow and eli
were better for their mom in taking pictures
love the hand on the hip in this picture
cuttie pie!
i attempted a pic and just these two -
and just these two
but obviously it didn't work ;)

i even thought it might be better if i was holding the youngest two -
no such luck
this little guy is wearing me out!
he is so cute but so full of energy
i guess if we can't get the kids to take a good picture,
at least some of the mom's can :)
they are so cute together

riding in the cinderella's carriage
magen, sara, and wilson came at the end to say good-bye to everyone
they were leaving for san antonio that afternoon
i could tell jayden knew something was going on,
because he was real clingy to sara which he normally is not
they were so cute playing "ring around the rosy"

saying goodbye to our sweet, precious friend
they love eachother
magen and i were both trying not to totally break down
at this moment
love them
campbell had had enough and this was how we found her after our goodbyes!
happy monday


The Sudan Fam said...

those pictures of jayden and sara are so cute...

bradnkelli said...

Seeing little Sara's expressions in those pictures and thinking of those two saying goodbye makes me want to cry.:(

Doesn't surprise me that Dunc has so much energy, you and Jordan are two of the most energetic people I know!

Tiffany Dawn said...

Oh my goodness how sweet and perceptive Jayden is w Sara. Those pictures are SUPER priceless!! Love this!!

bradnkelli said...

Forgot to mention that I love how Campbell does the hook'em horns sign when she sucks her fingers. :)