Tuesday, February 24, 2009

V-Day Gifts

This post is a little late, but i wanted to wait until the gifts got into the hands of the recipients. I copied my friend kelly in this precious gift idea.
They are not as cute as hers - but they turned out pretty good. My friend magen gave me the idea to use jayden's feet to make it into the shape of a heart for a valentine's look.  So that was a fun addition.
Jayden had a great time putting his feet in the paint and was very proud of his work.
I also am adding some v-day pics from our mom's group at dana's. The boys decorated cupcakes and painted with their feet(again). Dana is so good at thinking of fun and inventive ideas for us to do with the kids. (i want her to start a blog and post some of these ideas). We had a great time!


kelly said...

cute, cute, cute!!! i love the idea of the feet - they turned out so cute, c! you underestimate your creative abilities, my friend :)

Nat Pat said...

that's such a great idea! i'll have to copy that too sometime! :)

Tiffany Dawn said...

Thanks for Commenting! I like your Vday ideas- but Vday was forever ago- fyi! :) hehe.

I'm new to the Blog world (started in March) and mine is mostly dedicated to trying to become a runner... and all that goes with it!

See ya soon!