Thursday, March 26, 2009

just so you know . . .

i am without a camera (again).  this is what happens when your son's sippy cup valve comes out inside of your purse and spills onto your camera (which is inside of your purse).
sad - i know.  second camera this year - apparently i am having bad luck with electronics.  (i dropped my phone in the toilet a month ago).  i am not doing a good job of convincing jordan that i should get a nice camera.
if you know of any good deals on cameras let me know.  until then i will not have much to post :)
jayden is very busy these days and having so much fun playing outside (weather permitting).  baby brother is growing well and i am at 26 weeks today.  when i ask jayden where baby brother is - he points to his own stomach.  sweet little guy.
okay - hope you are doing well.  we are, except for that silly camera.


kelly said...

bummer, christy! please get a camera soon - we want to see pics!!! :)

Lisa said...

Arrrrghhh isn't that the pits??? Sounds like our crazy life. I am so gald to hear you are doing hearing about that sweet Jayden, and of course you and Jordan:)

olivia and henry said...

oh so sad!!! you need a new camera! :(
can't wait to see you on tuesday. xoxo

Nicki W. said...

cute cute cute!! i bet you are a precious little preggo lady!!