Tuesday, April 7, 2009

what a week

we have had quite the busy/stressful week.  my dad had emergency 6-bypass surgery last tuesday.  it was a long and exhausting week but thankfully he is home now and doing great.  he is gaining strength each day and i know he will be feeling well before not too long.  i have told him - if he had been functioning with 99% blockage in 3 places and able to run and play tennis - who knows what he will be able to do once he fully recovers!
we are so thankful to God for his peace and provision for our family this past week.  we are also so thankful for the many people who loved, supported, and prayed for us during this difficult time.  thank you to all of you!
if you would like to read about my dad's thoughts from the surgery you can look at his blog.  beware - you can see his "war wounds" in the pictures. 

hope you are doing well and enjoying this beautiful spring weather (if it is spring weather where you live :))


kelly said...

christy! c & i both thought jayden looked so old in this picture!!! ahhhhh! we've got to get up there to see you!!!!!!!

Marybeth said...

Ahh! I agree with kelly! Where is my baby nephew? He is going to be checking out girls by the time I get back!! Give him a kiss of eternal youth for me, love you three!

The Sudan Fam said...

MaryB!! I'm afraid im going to have to rebuke you for that comment...jayden is way too sweet and innocent to be checking anyone out these days or any days to come.

Ashley Hanson said...

You father is in my prayers! I know first hand how scary this can all be. He should feel amazing now. I will pray for his continued speedy recovery!