Monday, April 20, 2009

Bed Rest or House Arrest

yes.  that is my lot at the moment.  apparently baby ogden #2 thinks he is ready to come out.  he will only be 30 weeks on wednesday.  too early little one.  one of my friends said - maybe he is going to be like his daddy and just ready to get things done!  
so what does that mean for a mom of an active 21 month year old?  a lot of help.  thankfully we have the most wonderful family and friends that have been so willing and wonderful in helping out.
we are blessed.  (and i don't say that lightly)  i hope and pray that the Lord teaches me what i am to learn during this season.  one obvious is that we for sure need to slow down a bit.  i am very much the busy body who doesn't spend one entire day at home - usually.  not now.  3 outings a week is what my doctor ordered.  and to be off of my feet as much as possible.  
here are some pictures of what has been going on these past few days!
if you have any ideas of fun things to do at home with a little one - please send them my way.  also please pray with us that this little one stays in until 34 weeks and that i don't have to be put in the hospital for "stricter bedrest."


olivia and henry said...

praying for you, christy, and thinking about you so often throughout the day. we want to come visit soon! maybe this week?!?
love you. angie

Lisa said...

oh Christy, i hear you girl!!!! I am always on the go as I know you are too. I will be praying for you and sweet baby ogden. This may be too messy but...we bought some canvas, sponges, acrylic paint, and brushes at hobby lobby and let the kids create thier own painting. The kids loved it but i would only do it if someone is there to help you with clean up. If the weather is nice it might be fun to do it outside...I will be thinking of you:)