Monday, May 19, 2008

question & things

                                             Jayden walking outside with dad
                                      Going down the slide at the neighborhood park
                                              First Baylor Baseball Game
                    Meeting Sparrow Bethany Daniel for the first time (isn't she so cute!)

Snack time in the church nursery on Sunday.  I thought it was so cute with all the little ones sitting like big kids around the table clockwise (jayden, davy, alayna, nate, joshua)

hello all!  i am about to switch jayden over to the next stage carseat and i was wanting some recommendations.  (some of you have already emailed me and for that - i thank you!)  let me know if you have any advice!  thank you so much!
i am posting some pictures of what we have been up to lately.  the park, baylor baseball game with grandparents (first of many i am sure - my dad is a big baylor baseball fan - has season tickets every year), meeting sparrow, church, and playing outside.  jayden is so close to walking - it is so funny because he will pull himself up and then search for my hands to assist him while walking.  he is so sweet - of course he has a couple of teeth breaking through so that is making for some difficult days - but still a sweet, active little boy that i am so thankful for!  have a good monday!


kelly said...

yaaaay, jayden! you're so cute in your little monogrammed outfit!!!

we got the eddie bauer brwn seat from target. i like it b/c it's not blk & so not so hot. we've liked everything about it except that it's sometimes hard for hudson to fall asleep b/c there's not really anywhere for his head to rest. don't know if this is the case w/ all car seats???

good luck!

Stuarts said...

We had the Cosco Alpha Omega Car Seat for Sloan and hated it. It was uncomfortable and the straps stayed so twisted all the time and, like Kelly said, there was no place for his head when he fell asleep. We had to move Sloan into it when he was only 5.5 months old because he was so ginormous we couldn't fit him in the infant seat anymore! (Seriously, he was about 22 pounds at 5 months). For Tia we got the Britax Roundabout and I looooove it! It's super soft and comfy and has a wide top so there's more room for head resting (though not a ton, of course). It was more expensive, but worth the money because she will comfortably be able to sit in it for a long time. I actually got mine on ebay for about $40.00 cheaper than the store prices. For Landon we actually had the opportunity through this thing at Lee's work to pick out a car seat for free so before he was even born we went ahead and ordered him a Graco seat (that was the only option), which we haven't yet put him in. I would have probably gone ahead and gotten another Britax had we not gotten this one for free though. Anyway, those are what have/haven't worked for us. Jayden is so cute. I love seeing the pictures of him!

Summer, Justin, & Blake said...

Hi Christy!! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog. Your little guy is SO CUTE!! I look forward to keeping up with you via your blog!
P.S. We love the Britax Marathon!!