Monday, May 12, 2008

ridiculous + happy mother's day

yes - we are wearing matching shirts - and i don't have anyone to blame except myself. it started innocently, it was cool outside yesterday so i thought i would put on my seaside shirt in the afternoon & then i found myself doing the same for jayden. we went to jordan's softball game that night and that is when i finally realized that yes - i am indeed a "dorky" mom.  oh well - i still think the shirt's are cute! 


Stuarts said...

It's time that we should all embrace our inner dorks and go for the matching clothes! Our kids will hate us for it one day, but maybe, just maybe, when they have kids of their own they will send us a picture dressed in their own matching outfits. We must perpetuate the cycle! Seriously, you guys look adorable! Happy late Mother's Day!

kelly said...

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay for dorky moms!!!

Nat Pat said...

i am right there with you! you guys look so cute. happy first mother's day!