Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Little Giants

In the midst of all the business that has been going on,
Duncan (and Jayden) started soccer.
Jayden started at this age as well -
and I am reminded why it was a funny season :)
3 year olds are hard to focus on soccer :)

Its really fun though because Blake is their coach
and several friends plus emery kate are on the team.
They are PRECIOUS in their little uniforms.

(duncan is number 5)
 we have actually only played in 1 game so far because we have been out of town a lot in September,
but hopefully we will make more games in October :)

for those of you who know these kids:
felix is 2, luke is 9, and emery kate is 3
(oscar is on the team as well but he wasn't at this game and i don't know his number)

 this shows how excited they are about the game :)

 pep talk from dad trying to get some playing out of duncan :)
 the loyal fans

let's go little giants!
excited for a fun rest of the season!

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