Sunday, October 7, 2012

Disney World (part 2)

The next day we headed to the Magic Kingdom!
It was wonderful and by far my favorite park (especially for the kids)
It was nice because we would just hop on a bus and it would take us directly to the park
 3 generations of Ogden men :)
 our first view of the castle
 it was so fun because right when we got there
we ran into a parade
the parades were jordan's favorite part
it was so fun to watch the characters
and the dancers
everyone had so much energy
 an ogden family favorite - woody and jessie :)
 the kids were awe struck with the parade
 don't you love their outfits?
my friend magen made them for us
and i LOVE them!
they are precious!

 campbell on the tea cup ride
this was a favorite for everyone

 love all the sweet details they have at the parks
 the carousal ride

 there was a downpour during the afternoon
it worked out nicely though because the little kids were able to nap in the
stroller and not miss too much
 melt my heart :)

 we had a character dinner that night with winnie pooh and friends
jayden wasn't sure what he thought  about the characters :)

 duncan on the other hand - was not afraid at all

 we stayed in the park late that night to watch the magical firework show
 it was AMAZING!!!

we loved the MAGIC KINGDOM!!!!

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