Monday, October 8, 2012

Disney World (part 3)

The next day we went to Hollywood Studios but I didn't take any pictures there.
My camera had a part that broke and I didn't have it fixed yet.
On day 4 we went to EPCOT.
I loved EPCOT and it was my second favorite.

Duncan and Jayden with Chip and Dale
 we walked around the entire nations part
it was so authentic and fun to see the different parts
taking a break here :)
 another stroller nap

 we let the boys get their faces painted here
 it was VERY extravagant
apparently you have to pass a drawing test to get this job at disney

 jayden the tiger 
 duncan the lion
 love the look

 for dinner at epcot we had dinner with the princesses
it was SO fun
campbell loved them
and so did duncan :)
(please observe him in the following pics)

another magical, fun day at Disney!

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