Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Disney World (part 4)

The next day we went to Animal Kingdom.
Duncan and I came late and missed the safari because he had a really bad cut from
jumping in the swimming pool that morning and he sliced his chin.
I thought he might need stitches so we took him to an urgent care that the resort provided.
They ended up using glue instead of stitches so that was a blessing -
a lot less traumatic for a 3 year old!

We got there in time for our last character meal
Mickey and Friends in the safari!
 disney does a great job with the character meals
they are so fun and the kids loved them!

 the older "kids" went on some rides
while alice and i took the kids to the lion king musical
it was AMAZING!
so glad we went

 we met up in time for a parade,
while waiting for the parade we participated in a hula hoop contest

 the safari parade
 the costumes and animals were AMAZING

 the kids LOVED this dino ride
apparently no one else in the park liked it though -
because we were able to ride it a million times with no line :)

another fun, magical day at DISNEY!!!

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