Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Duncan's Soccer :)

I think I have already done one post about Duncan's soccer season,
but I brought my camera to another game
and it happened to be the ONE game where Duncan put forth some effort.
Please remind me to not sign 3 year olds up for soccer again -
it is not the best use of time and resources :)
But they sure are cute in their uniforms
and have a fun little team -
so that makes up for the lack of effort - right?
A thumbs up to mama here
 Notice Casey is basically having to push Duncan to kick the ball :)
 You see the ball
and Duncan
I think they should be going in the same direction -
but not here
 Felix doing his spider man pose
the cutest :)
 Now Luke is able to engage in the game and does really well
 And then with a little bribery -
we were able to get Duncan to kick the ball
 and even run -
and he happened to score TWO goals with this effort.
(amazing what a little effort will do for you!)
 the fans

its always a good reminder on things like this 
that they are just kids (little ones at that)
and what they do on the soccer field does not matter.
it is also a good opportunity to teach them
to persevere and try even when they don't want to.
we are working on diligence versus laziness and this is a good opportunity to put it into practice!

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