Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Camp Ozark (part 3) Wedding Day

 on Sunday it was the day of the wedding
we started the morning with a gospel brunch in the chow hall
they completely transformed the chow hall
and had a live gospel band playing while we ate a yummy, elegant brunch
my sweet little fam :)
 look at these two - adorable
 and they are pretty cute too!

 j-bird and hal-bird
 loved the pretty decorations
 they had a worship service after the brunch
but the kids got a little restless,
so we decided to take a ride in the trolley to kill some time
we rode around the camp three times!
It was air conditioned
 this is duncan's favorite face right now :)

 after the morning activities and quick naps
we headed out to the waterfront again!

 duncan and ek on the rolling log

 jordan and jason on the blob
jayden almost did it - but ended up deciding not to
 ice cream sandwhiches are the best!
 around 3 we went back and took showers and tried to get dressed up
so it was kind of a joke trying to feel pretty with how sweaty we all were
but we managed :)
 the wedding was probably the NICEST most ELEGANT wedding i have ever been to
they completely transformed a gym into a beautiful reception hall
the wedding was so sweet and special
and i felt so honored to be apart of the joyful celebration!

we ended up loading up the kids after the wedding and reception and heading back home, driving through the night.
again - it was a great decision - the kids slept the whole way home and we were able to recover on monday!
so thankful for a fun weekend away!!!!

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