Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cotton Bowl

On Friday we had the fun opportunity to go to the Cotton Bowl to see the Aggies play!
It was SO MUCH FUN!!
(even though the aggies didn't win)
I actually came away from the game realizing what great people aggies are.
i am still biased towards baylor but realize ATM would be a great option for our kids (and a lot more affordable!)
this was jayden's second aggie experience and he has loved them both.
his favorite part is the band.
he voluntarily put his thumb up for all the pictures :)
he has been thoroughly indoctrinated into the way of aggies

thank you chief & alice for such a fun experience!


Anonymous said...

YES, Christy! Can he please go to A&M?? Look at how darn cute he is in MAROON! love it :) Glad you had fun at the game! -kristina

ellen said...

See there!!!!! We found out the exact same thing 4 years ago, and you know I bleed green and gold!
Absolutely true about the more affordable! Wehave experienced both.And Jayden is right on about the band!
We just don't root for A&M against BU. Otherwise, Sic'Em AND Gig'Em!