Tuesday, January 4, 2011


We had a wonderful Christmas this year with the Ogdens.
Things didn't go quite as planned in some ways - Jordan's dad got really sick with a 24 hour stomach bug from christmas eve until the afternoon of christmas day, and their
sink got stopped up on christmas eve night so we couldn't use it for the rest of the weekend.
But it still was wonderful being together.
I think that is the main thing about the holidays - you want to be with those you love.
And that was true for us.

The stockings were hung (and filled)
my mom had made each one of the kids these PRECIOUS stockings
she hand stitches each little piece onto them, it is a work of art - and something
we will treasure always!
the boys woke up to this fun pirate ship and car ramp
they love it

geoffrey working on the sink
opening our stockings
geoffrey got the boys a fun remote control car!
i think all ogden boys had fun with this gift!
we thought daddy kind of looks like an elf in this position
please notice the pants :)
my sweet little campbell isabella
we headed over to chase & staci's for lunch
we were going to have it at the ogden's but because of the pluming situation we thought it would be better to have it over at their house.
staci was gracious to host us all!
here she is with campbell
campbell under the tree
sweet duncan
the boy's had fun working on kendall and lily's lego's
alice got these adorable place mats at target and then had them monogrammed
with their names on it.
i think they are precious!

jayden & duncan both got guitars for christmas
(jayden picked out duncan's for his gift from him - i think that is SO Sweet!)
all the ogden girls

duncan having fun riding his new car from chief and alice


The Sudan Fam said...

ah, i love that pic of Campbell on Alice's shoulder....so precious.

kelly said...

such good pictures :) looks like you guys had a wonderful christmas. it's so fun (& crazy!) with little ones!!