Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas eve was a fun day.
We met my parents at Uncle Dan's for lunch - which I LOVE!
Jordan and I went for a coffee date - which I also LOVE!
and then the other ogdens came over for a yummy dinner!

geoffrey gave us great music with some christmas carols on the piano!
taylor & campbell
alice made these precious - veggie shots
you put dressing in the bottom of shot glasses and then have the veggies standing up -
they were great and i loved how they looked
taylor, david, and greg
(this is right before he was sick - poor thing! he was sick with a 24 hour GI bug!)
andi, campbell, & taylor
jordan & geoffrey

taylor, jayden, & madeline
the pretty table

alice & geoffrey

the boys opened up their christmas pj's and then opened their fun gift from andi & david

they loved it!

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