Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Years Day

New Year's morning I had all of our family over for brunch to kick off the new year.
It was so fun and I think I am going to try to make this a new tradition.
It was nice to have a later breakfast/brunch type meal for those who were up late the night before.
We all said one thing that we felt like the Lord was speaking to us for this next year or just a goal we wanted to accomplish.
I love goals. We grew up doing goals every new years day.
In fact this christmas my dad gave each of us a copy of all our goals from the time we started which was 1991. It was so fun to see how our goals changed and what was important to us each year.
(don't worry - my dad has on his copy if we met our goals or didn't for each year as well - we aren't anal at all are we?)

some of my first goals were:
"be kind to my siblings" - (who knew i was mean to them?)
"run the mile in a certain time"
"average x points per basketball game"
they then evolved to -
"learn to serve jordan"
"make lasting friendships in college"
"continue to seek the Lord in the morning"

my goals have changed now, but i really enjoy asking the Lord each year for what he has for me individually and us as a family and have something to work on for the year.

our church is reading through the Bible this year so that is one for me.
another one is to run a half marathon (i have a goal to run one in between each kid so i want to go ahead and get it done just to be prepared :))
i also am going to try to memorize the apostolic prayers
i have others for me and for the kids - but just thought i would share a few.

sorry for the tangent back to the new years day brunch!

jayden and emery kate

here is the spread of the food
a new favorite
time consuming but worth the work
pioneer woman cinnamon rolls.
you can find the recipe here
i realized after reading the blog post that when i made this batch i forgot to add the baking soda, salt, etc when you add the flour - no wonder they were so flat!
also i would recommend putting them in the fridge before you roll the dough out - i haven't done that yet but i think it would make rolling the dough out a lot easier
enjoy & happy 2011!
(my newest niece is coming tomorrow - i am SO EXCITED!!!)


rachel said...

I love to read about all the traditions you are carrying on and the ones you are starting! Will make memories so much sweeter!

ellen said...

I laughed OUT LOUD right here in the den reading about your dad! But how awesome to see! Twenty years of goals!
You know Emily is obsessed with Pioneer Woman cookbook!
Can't wait to hear about Molly!
Love you!