Saturday, July 6, 2013

Duncan's 4th Birthday

On June 18th we got to celebrate our sweet Duncan
turning 4!
I have wanted to have a tradition where we have "breakfast cake" every morning of 
a special day in our families lives but
this year has been a little crazy with having our house on the market
and getting ready to move -
so i have gotten donuts instead.
I don't think the kids mind :)

 Sweet Duncan waking up -
last day with a pacifier (yes he used it at night till he was 4)
 He loved being celebrated.
Love this sweet pic of him!

 Big brother enjoying the celebration as well.
 And this guy LOVES donuts!
 I have had all the presents on the table with their breakfast treat -
so he got to open them after eating breakfast!
 He really wanted a "real" catchers helmet 

So thankful for this boy!
He is such a joy and has such a sweet, tender, compassionate,
He is full of life and always on the go!
We love you Duncan and are so thankful for the man of God you are!
May your fourth year be the best one yet!

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ellen said...

He is the cutest and most fun little guy! Happy 4th, Duncan!