Sunday, July 7, 2013

Art Camp

Our church hosted an Art Camp in June for the kids.
I signed all 3 up because it was such a good activity and it was nice that they all could go
and I would only have Barron for the mornings ;)
Little did  I know - it would be such a HIT!
They loved it so much -
I sent them back for the second week!
It was so cute b/c on the last day they had an art show
and they displayed all of their art work for us to see.
They were SO proud :)
 not sure what duncan is doing here :)
 sweet jayden
 close up on their work

 campbell didn't want to get her picture taken -
but her teachers said that she did a really good job
and that she really thrived with art!
so cool b/c the word that we felt like God gave us before she was born
was "creative beauty"  
so neat to see small glimpses of that at such a young age 
so thankful for their sweet teachers that invested in them the past two weeks 
it was such a blessing in so many ways!

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Jennie said...

SO cute! can i send my kids next summer!? i want the info!