Monday, July 8, 2013

Jayden & Duncan's Birthday Party

This year I combined the boys birthday parties.
With the move coming up and not knowing the state of everything - I
decided to have a combined birthday party for them at Pump It Up.
I was so thankful that I decided to do it this way.
It was so EASY and not HOT -
which were two big high points for where we are in life and the time of year!
(maybe in michigan it will be easier to have summer bdays outside?)

Alice got the cakes and as usual they were ADORABLE.
 Jayden was real specific about what he wanted -
a basketball on one white white icing and a football on another with chocolate icing - 
so that is what he got :)
 I think campbell thought it was her party as well b/c she was in the middle of everything 

 I have tons of pics of the people and the kids having fun :)

 Jayden really wanted to sit in the big party chair - cute thing :)

 Getting ready to sing happy birthday

Such a fun time!
So thankful we did the party there -
the only negative was the bad GI bug that got spread there -
i think almost everyone was affected :(

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robin said...

so glad you got a pic of me blocking the way going up the slide:) also, somehow we never got the bug...stomachs of steal.