Friday, July 22, 2011

Trying to stay cool

anyone living in texas knows that trying to stay cool this summer is quite the challenge
jordan and i have been running at 6:15 and it is already 85 degrees outside
not much of a cool down in the morning ;)
so we have been trying to do different things to stay cool:
splash parks
campbell not sure about how "cool" this is on her little feet :)

this was not a good idea on staying cool
dana and i thought if we met at the park at 9 am it wouldn't be that bad
we were very very wrong
various inflatable water devices for the yard
these were the other day when we actually went swimming
we were in a real pool, but also used a baby pool
and a slip n' slide

happy birthday danny!
your one today :)
we love you
and you miss
will be one on tuesday
jayden is saying
hope you are staying cool!

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