Saturday, July 30, 2011

Campbell & Danny's 1st Birthday Party

on saturday night
dana & i
had a balloon themed birthday party for our little ones!
it was so much fun!
danny & campbell are 4 days apart
so it was ideal to have their party together
they are destined to be together -
so we thought - why not start early?
they yummy cake:

the decorations were SO CUTE
dana did most of them -
she is amazing!
i love her creativity!
teal, yellow & orange
was the color scheme

we made balloon banners (i guess that is what you call them)
and they looked so cute and whimisical

the poor little birthday girl
she was on the verge of getting sick -
so a lot of the pictures don't have the happiest face for her:)

danny & his sweet mama dana

can you see her ADORABLE dress?
magen made it for me!
i LOVE how it turned out!
the older kids loved the bounce house
we didn't see them the whole party :)

campbell had seen the cake here and it had been taken away
the agony :)
us with our sweet little birthday girl
joey & dana with their sweet little birthday boy
this is a classic campbell pursed lip look
and another classic -
two fingers in her mouth
mimi & duncan

here is a better look at her whole outfit
(have i said before that i love dressing a girl? ;))

back inside opening presents

attempting a shot with my parents and c & i

the dad's were ready for this to be over :)
a classic - true to life family shot
we love you miss c and are so thankful for you!

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The Cash Family said...

I love that sweet dress she is wearing! Cute party!