Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jason's Birthday

see, i told you we have a lot of birthday's this time of year :)
jason's birthday is in between duncan and jayden's
he decided to celebrate by going to an
oldie (i don't know if goodie would be the correct term here)
we use to go there when we were young
i remember loving "raising the flag"
you can read my brothers post about pancho's here
& my sister documented this party here
anyway - it was a fun time being together -
and of course fun (and crazy) with all of the kiddos together
notice lovie right by his side
ek is helping campbell out
she is such a sweet little mama
little stinkers :)
here is the whole crew
besides my dad and mb
alex was there in mb's place - so that was fun
i know-
all of my kids are messy eaters
it's my fault -
sorry if it offends you :)
we went back to jason & alex's NEW house for dessert
they just moved into a precious home that weekend
alex was brave for having us over for cake
we had jason cake
(yes - we named it jason cake b/c it is his favorite)

jayden & duncan's favorite activity to do with uncle J -

the sibs -
minus B
we love you Jason and were so glad to celebrate with you!
can't wait to watch you be a dad!

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Stephanie said...

Pancho's was our childhood favorite as well! So much so that our grandparents would pick us up at the airport and take us directly there when we came to visit! So many good memories! The sopapillas and honey were ALWAYS my favorite!