Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More Swimming PIcs

we were in waco a lot during the month of june -
which meant we did a lot of swimming :)
my dad met us at the pool one saturday morning -
it was a great time!
they have a basketball goal in the pool at ridgewood
let's just say this . . .
jordan may have a good shot
i was the one who won :)
PIG that is
i guess i still have it in me :)
little miss -
such a cutie
just a note with this picture -
she won't drink out of the normal baby sippy cup
she has to have the same one as her brothers -
i have decided to give in -
and let her enjoy the BIG cup -
she is very happy about this
i don't know if jayden is though
happy wednesday
i wish i was swimming right now
it is HOT!

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