Friday, July 8, 2011

The Fourth

we had a wonderful, relaxing fourth of july
i started it by taking pictures of my cute, pregnant sister in law (pics to come later :))
then i met the family at the lakewood parade
it was a great parade and i was so glad to go -
i would love to make a tradition out of it!
the ogdens were in town, they had just come from california
and had some fun disney hats for the kids!
thank you jayden for your fake smile here :)

after lunch & naps we headed to our friends parent's pool for swimming & dinner
what a wonderful way to end the 4th
sadly this is the only picture i could get to download from our swimming (b/c dana took them and they were cute!)
we didn't stay up for fireworks!
too tired :)
hope you had a great day celebrating as well!

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