Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Birthday

i had a wonderful birthday!
i felt so loved and encouraged and it was so relaxing as well!
we had a family morning
and then for lunch - magen & dana took me to la duni and we did a little shopping :)
how nice without kids!
after that -
jordan and i went shopping as well (for non clothes items - his condition)
and it was so fun to just shop with no real purpose and spend time together!
for dinner we went to
blue mesa
with our siblings
without kids
it was wonderful
i don't think we have had dinner all together without kids for a very long time
jordan had everyone encourage me by saying what type of clothing i would represent to them
it was a different way to encourage and i loved it!
i was so honored and encouraged
jordan also encouraged all of us girls with proverbs 31 - so it was super sweet!

thank you everyone for loving and caring for me!
i am blessed and excited to see what year 31 has to bring!


Lindsey said...

Sounds like a really fun birthday Christy! Family, friends, SHOPPING, what more could you ask for! ;) I need to try that La Duni place...

ellen said...

Happy late Birthday, Christy! You are such a blessing, a wonderful wife and mother! I am blessed to know you all 31 years!

kelly said...

beautiful christy! so glad you had a good time for your birthday. sibling dinner without (sweet, adorable) kids sounds perfect :)