Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Boy's Birthday

sorry for my absence in blogging
i have been a bit busy the past week
i haven't realized until this year - how much it is to have all of our birthdays so close together
my goodness.
in the past week we have had 2 birthdays, 1 birthday party, and 4th of july festivities
a lot.
but i am so thankful to have people to celebrate
so please don't hear this as complaining -
just an explanation of the absence.
so i have a lot of post that i will be catching up on :)
but to start - the boy's birthday party!

my goal this year was to be SIMPLE
i decided to have it on a friday morning and jayden decided on a baseball theme (AGAIN!)
this is the 3rd time to have a baseball party for my 4 year old boy :)
so in my effort to be simple - i RE-used all of our items from last year.
that was nice - and i am thankful for that!
here was the SIMPLE table:
i just had pb sandwiches, turkey & cheese sandwiches, chips, & watermelon
i think it turned out great -
kid favorites!
here were the simple party favors:
bats and balls and baseball cards from dollar tree -
simple and inexpensive :)
for the cake i made pioneer woman's chocolate sheet cake -
it is WONDERFUL and super easy!
i had jayden & sara decorate it the day before.
i loved this - it was so cute and "kid like" and it tasted amazing!
i also made these baseball cupcakes
- just out of a box
(so easy and i think they taste better than homemade ones - the homemade ones are so dense in my opinion :))
i just used red icing to make it look like a baseball.
i think it turned out pretty cute!
for the activity -
we did same as last year -
played baseball outside
simple and HOT
didn't realize that my front yard would feel so hot - sorry friends :)
ducnan and emery kate just sat and ate chips the whole time - they were very happy with this party :)
i got into the action of hitting too :)

even the kids got hot and had to take a break :)
jordan dressed up for the occasion -
what a sweet daddy :)
little miss was just fine being with mimi the whole party
cute molly

look at precious jack!
and wilson
we were attempting a picture of the three youngest second cousins
ty, molly, and campbell -
but as you can see campbell was a little preoccupied
beautiful mom
opening presents

it was a fun, sweet, simple party -
but i realized i can't have another party at our house
we can't fit the group anymore.
at least one during the day when you can't migrate outside.
thanks friends for putting up with the crowded conditions!
we love you all and thank you for celebrating with us our sweet boys!

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