Thursday, July 7, 2011

Jayden's "actual" Birthday

jayden's "actual" birthday this year was the day after his party.
it was so funny because he kept on talking about his "actual" birthday and his birthday party - i don't think he really understood the difference between the two!
we started the morning the same way that we did duncan's
see the post here
breakfast cake, balloons, and gifts -
i am trying to make this our little family tradition on birthdays

one of jayden's favorite things was blowing out the candles!
he LOVED it and had many opportunities to blow candles out this year -
so that was fun for him!
i love that sleepy face -
he was so excited to open his gifts
after breakfast and opening gifts
we headed to the lake house to spend the day with my family out there
it was so fun and a great way for my little "fish" to spend his fourth birthday!
uncle J got him his favorite gift of all -

it was fun because my whole family (minus B) was out there,
my cousin stephanie came with my parents,
and geoffrey
what a treat!

um - how cute is this bathing suit?
my friend lindsey gave it to me
and told me that it would look really cute with a monogram on it -
so i had to have magen fix it up -
and it is PRECIOUS!

this float goes in the water -
but i think the kids have more fun in it out of the water
we had left over cup cakes and brought them to eat -
the kids were very thankful for that!

after naps we went out on the boat
amy and i took duncan and emery kate on the tube
they are too young to really know what we were getting them into :)
i think they liked it -
we really aren't sure

jayden didn't want to go on the tube
i appreciate his cautiousness -
i am that way too :)
uncle blake is such a good driver with the boat -
i am thankful

after dinner we sang happy birthday again and had cake
we celebrated jayden & my birthday at night
another candle to blow out!
it was a fun day and a great way to celebrate our sweet J!
i love that we were at the lake house -
i have celebrated many, many of my own birthday's out there
(b/c i am the 5th right after 4th of july)
so it is sweet to be there now celebrating my oldest son!
we love you J!

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