Thursday, June 23, 2011

Swimming Lessons

we had another successful year at swimming lessons!
jayden L.O.V.E.D it!
joy & allison do such an amazing job and I am so thankful
that we have been able to do it with them the past 2 years
i remember my cousins coming down to waco every summer to
take swim lessons from the mcdowell's
so i guess this is a multi generational tradition!

here is jayden with jade & ellie
his two closest friends in swim lessons
i guess it helps that his mommy is close to both of their mommies :)
marci & joy

jayden in action
swimming with his head under water
look at all those kids!
i am so impressed that they can teach this many kids at a time -
they are amazing!

jayden about to jump off the diving board
in the air
successfully made it to the other side of the pool!
we are so proud of you jayden!
chief & jayden
chief & alice and the swimmer
his teacher, miss joy
jayden & ellie
i love how they have become even better friends the more they
spend time together.
it is fun to think that they will be lifelong friends like we are with the forresters
and some others
what a special gift!
thanks joy & allison for another wonderful year!


The Lacys said...

c, i try to refrain from commenting of EVERY blog - but i love your fam so much. i cannot get enough of their cuteness. love you!

ellen said...

We made the blog! Woo Hoo! Love every single picture! Love the Kiddyland post too! So many memories from when you all were little!