Wednesday, June 22, 2011


one day while in waco, alice brought her restored GTO out of the garage to take it for a spin around the neighborhood
it is really a beautifully restored vehicle

jayden thought he was too cool riding in the back seat (without a car seat!)
let me tell you a true story about old vehicles.
my dad use to have a red mustang (i don't know the year - but old) and when i first rode in it i asked my dad the question (very seriously i might add) if this car only played oldie music.
i know.
but true story -
we call those "christy-isms" around our family -
there are more, but that is all i will share for now.

back to much better and cuter things:
little miss
she can stand on her own without pulling up.
she will be walking soon i am sure of it.
life happens so fast.
enjoy every minute of it.
i am trying to :)

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Tiffany Dawn said...

Love the story! & cant wait to hear more "Christy-isms"! :)