Friday, June 17, 2011

Duncan is TWO

Happy Birthday Sweet Duncan!
We are so thankful for you and your sweet, fun red headed self!
You make our life brighter and sweeter and we couldn't imagine our family without you.

I compiled some pictures to help document some of your favorite things right now.
I love to watch you and the way that you discover life.
It is such a joy.
Here you are a year ago with the nurse that delivered you just 2 short years ago!
Look how young you are!
You have really changed from a little baby into a toddler BOY!
I love this picture.
It was your first time to hold Campbell and it is perfect.
You have loved on her since the day she was born.
Your world got turned upside down at just 13 1/2 months - but you took it like a champ.
You have loved your sister and hugged and kissed on her from the beginning.
I love to hear you all talk in your room and make one another laugh.
it is priceless
your other love.
you love your daddy and he loves you.
it makes my heart smile the way that you want to be with your dad.
you are very good at building with blocks and very particular in the way that you stack.
i think it tells me some about your personality :)
you have to have your lovie with you all the time.
monkey's tail is your favorite -
you like to rub it under your nose or stick it between the holes in your crocks.
lovie sleeps with you every night and so does paci
when you are in your carseat you like to have lovie and paci accompany you
(here you are putting the tail to your nose)
i love to get hugs and kisses from you -
it melts my heart and i hope you don't stop giving them to me for a very long time :)
it is the cutes thing to see you two play together
i love that you love your cousins - she calls you "na na" and you call her "kate"
she likes to tell you what to do and you do it sometimes - and sometimes use "force" when you don't want to do it.
i hope and pray that you always stay close and love one another
you are not afraid.
you like to climb to the tallest playground structure and do anything that gives you a thrill.
i think you just like to have a good time and your personality is just precious -
you have so much excitement in you!
but when you are mad, you let us all know that as well.
you are a man of passion - and we know that you will do great works of God with that passion
may it always be directed towards good and not evil
just wanted to show the lovie tail in the ear in this picture :)
you love to have fun and play with your brother
it is so fun watching you play together and i pray that you will always be best of friends
you love sweets - just like your dad
and you are a messy eater, usually getting whatever you are eating all over your face and clothes
we laugh because one of your first sentences was, "I want a COOKIE"
typical and you.
you love your brother and like to do whatever he is doing.
i am so thankful that you want to be together and that you enjoy life with him - may this always be
you love to read books (even if it is daddy's books)
and we pray that you will always have a love of reading and learning
you love to put on mommy, daddy, or jayden's shoes and walk around
you just get frustrated when you trip in them ;)
you love playing at the splash park or the pool
thankfully we got a good float devise for you this year, so hopefully you will be SAFE in the water as well as having fun
we love you duncan
and are thankful for the years to come and to see the man of God you will become.
you love to worship too,
i don't have a picture of it - but "Happy Day" is your favorite song and you sing it all the time
we love to worship with you.
you have such a joy and excitement for life that it is contagious -
how could we ever say no to you? (ha,ha:))
thanks for bringing us so much joy.
we love you.
A note from Daddy:
I was thinking about Duncan this morning and began to consider a difficult time in the life of Elijah. He said something like 'I have been very zealous for the Lord....and I alone am left.' Duncan's life thus far is marked by zeal. Christy often says that he has two gears: on and off. Perhaps there will be times in his life where, though different circumstances from Elijah, he may find himself feeling alone in his zeal for God or life or whatever the situation may be. As a father of young children, my heart is that none of them would feel isolated, abandoned or alone-ever. Knowing that I will not be able to always provide for him and meet all of those needs - I take heart for Duncan from this story in Elijah's life, as God was present with Elijah during this time of feeling alone in his stand for righteousness. And so my prayer for Dunc on his birthday is that he would be aware of God's presence with him at present and in future days when he feels alone, and that God would surround him with a company of people, and at least one close friend, to strengthen Duncan in his zeal for life. Dunc, we love your zeal for life and are very joyful as we celebrate your birth today.


Amy Marable said...

I love you sweet Dunc! You are so precious to me! I can't imagine life without you either! You bring EK (and us) so much joy!
happy 2nd!

Marci said...

What a precious post! I feel like I know sunny little smiley Duncan better for having read it. Happy birthday, D.

Travis and Joy Phillips said...

you always say how dunc and gracie are so much alike at this stage and reading this i felt like i was reading about gracie! so sweet and such a great way to document this year! we love you duncan!