Thursday, June 16, 2011

Weekend Fun (in San Antonio) part 2

part 2 of this post is really just pictures of the wedding
we don't get that dressed up to often,
so it is fun to try to capture us all in our wedding attire :)
a family picture is just a hard thing to do when you are a family of five and have young ones -
anyone have good advice on how to do this?
campbell looked so sweet in her white dress with smocking and pearls
i LOVE the simplicity and elegance of this :)
those of you who know me well - probably aren't surprised :)
classic duncan if you ask me:)
amy and I
jordan & his dad (chief)
this is what the kids were doing during the reception
(thankfully there was an outdoor place where they could run around)
sweet C
btw - she has become quite the squealer these days -
we are not sure what to do with it - she squeals to get our attention, when she wants something to eat, with whatever - girls are a whole new ball game :)
uncle blake & molly
jordan & i
do you like how is tie is kind of coordinating with my dress?
we didn't plan that - but you know me, i love to coordinate - so it was an added bonus :)
i love their eyes in this picture-
so so darling
alice & campbell
me & c
duncan & emery kate making up
this was after duncan did something ek didn't like and then she said "duncan OBEY" - ha, ha - do you think she has heard that said to duncan enough? i might add that her hands were on her hips telling him this.
he probably hit her after being told to obey - but moments later, all was right in their little world
sweet brothers
attempting a pic of just my kids -
yeah right!

chief & c
happy thursday!

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Tiffany Dawn said...

That looks like so much fun!! what a beautiful family! :)

Love all the pics of your San Antonio wkd. Glad you had such a great time!

Gotta admit- ready to see BOTH your cars HOME though!! I miss you guys! :)