Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Fun (in San Antonio) part 1

this past weekend we headed to san antonio for a wedding.
we went up on friday morning and stayed at the wonderful westin la cantera for the weekend with the ogdens. the marables were going to the wedding as well, so they stayed there too!
it was a wonderful long weekend get-away
(except for the fact that jayden was sick for part of it and didn't get to swim as much as he would have liked - poor guy!)

i decided to do the post in 2 parts.
first one being our time at the resort,
second one of the wedding ;)

we loved the family time together and they had the perfect pool for our little ones
emery kate and her mommy in coordinating bathing suits :)
me and campbell
jayden is my little swimmer - he LOVES to be in the water
he is in swimming lessons this week and has conquered jumping off the diving board and swimming to his teacher!
way to go J - we are so proud of you!

molly was just fine chillin' in her float - the sweetest, most content baby ever

campbell decided to take her cousin's lead and took a nap in her float as well

sweet jayden

the hotel had various activities throughout the day -
here is the traveling petting zoo
a sloth - i had never seen one
the resort had a 1 mile hike/nature trail around it - so we went for a hike one morning,
it was a little harder than we thought with all of the kiddos - but was fun!

we loved staying there and the kids did too!

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