Friday, June 24, 2011

Riley's Birthday party

our sweet friend Riley turned one last week
and her parents had an adorable "facebook" themed party at the park
unfortunately i didn't get any pictures of the decor -
but you can look at her blog here and see that!
i did get pics of people :)

the birthday girl
(with her adorable bib that you can get here if you are needing a first birthday bib)
ek & amy
sparrow, eli, tina
c, leeann, kristina
this is when ek & duncan snuck to a far away picnic table to have their
second (or maybe third) cupcake of the night
thank you casey for bringing this to my attention

c, leeann, karis

sweet elayna
danny boo
dana, me, & suzy

charlie & jayden
the birthday girl and her sweet mommy
us with c
casey & jordan
attempting to get a pic with duncan & felix

we love you sweet riley and are glad to live life with you and your sweet family
we are excited to watch you grow up!

1 comment:

Tiffany Dawn said...

OK your portraits towards the end - starting w Charlie & J.... LOVE them! Great photos!! I know Karis will be so thankful you got such pretty pics!!

Sad I missed this one!