Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Family Fun Night: November

for our november family fun night,
we decided to stay in.
we had been gone a lot this past month -
and so it was nice to have something at home.
jordan came up with this activity and it was great.

but first i wanted to show you our thankfulness tree that
we filled out throughout the month
each morning - i would have the kids tell me what they were thankful for,
and i would write it down on a leaf
we then found some sticks to make our "tree"
and would hang the leaves on the tree
it was a great project and activity and
a great way to start our days in thankfulness
so onto our fun night
we decided to try to teach the kids what thanksgiving was about
from a historical viewpoint

so we acted out the mayflower coming to america
duncan in his "ship" looking at the seas
the bad storms that caused the ship to go back and forth
the boys on the bigger ship looking out to find "land"

once we got to "america' we had to hike around and find a place to build our house
we found the perfect spot in jaydens room :)
that is all the pictures that i have,
and sorry that they aren't that good -
but it was really fun and a great way to teach them how the pilgrims got to america
and how the indians and the pilgrims worked together!
hope this made sense!


Jennie said...

how fun!!! love this!

The Sudan Fam said...

That sounds really fun Keek! I kind of want to take part next time.

ellen said...

Love that tree!