Monday, November 14, 2011

Jayden: 4 year old portraits

we just got the kids 4,2,&1 year old portraits in the mail!
i wanted to show them to you.
i love how they turned out!

this was the big piece we got:
i debated getting it as the big piece b/c his head is down,
but i love it!
i love his legs crossed, his sweet face looking down, the freckles on his nose :)
i am so glad i decided on it!
sweet boy
i can't believe how much they change in a year
you don't realize it until you look at the pictures and realize
there is a big difference!

we love you jayden and are so proud of you.
you are a man of God and we love watching you and helping you
develop into the man of God he created you to be!
other kids pics coming next :)


Jennie said...

PRECIOUS! We had so much fun today! Jake cried the whole way home which is so unlike him! He said he wished he could just play with Jayden longer...:)

ellen said...

Absolutely Gorgeous! Can't wait for Ds and Cs!

Amy Marable said...

love that boy!